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I started fly fishing at a fairly young age with an old bamboo fly rod my dad had stored away in the basement of our house. He would only allow me to use his bamboo rod when we as a family were not fishing together.

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Welcome to the bamboo rod section where you will find all the options of bamboo rods from Donahe Split Cane Rods. Donahe Split Cane Rods offers a number of choices when it comes to bamboo rods.

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Larry Donahe has a proven reputation for exceptional quality for craftsmanship in the fly fishing community and the world of bamboo. In early 2015, Larry added custom handcrafted landing nets to his line of craftsmanship.

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Achieving excellence: A fly rod perfectionist

Featured in The "Master's of Their Crafts" series by the Star Tribune

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Larry P. Donahe owner and maker of Donahe Split Cane Rods, is dedicated to building the finest handcrafted bamboo fly rods, using only the highest quality materials and components.

Larry's love for wood working merged with fly fishing in 2007 to offer Donahe Split Cane Rods. After spending time with Daryll Whitehead and Chet Croco, Larry developed his own style and philosophy that resulted in bamboo rods that have power, grace, and elegance.

What our clients say

The rod looked beautiful in the pictures, of course, but the real thing EXCEEDED my expectations! It is absolutely beautiful and I love it. This is now my "go to" rod and, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the 3 bamboo rods I now own.

John Stewart

I received your Bamboo Rod yesterday… I love the action!!!!!! You know me I like a faster rod & this is it… The quality of your work is unsurpassed to anything I have seen…

Larry Madison
Donahe Split Cane Rod tapers are based on both classic makers such as Leonard, Everett Garrison and Paul Young and modern makers such as Daryll Whitehead and Tom Whittle. Larry’s bamboo rods are 6 strip (Hexagon) rods that range from slow to fast action, using only the highest quality “A” Grade Tonkin Cane (Arundinaria amabilis) and the finest components. His Signature Rods are 2 or 3 piece rods with 2 tips and in the 3-7 weight line range. Larry also offer Signature 1-Tip Rods, Signature Grade Blanks in a number of lengths and line sizes, and Spinning Rods. Please take time to look through the web site to see all the choices available.

These are bamboo fly rods that you will enjoy fishing, and be proud to own and pass down to future generations.

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